Is Tom Cruise a Vampire?

 Mission Impossible: Fallout

One could argue that Tom Cruise does not age. The dude has found the fountain of youth. Go watch Top Gun and try to figure out how he looks the exact same after 30 plus years. I don’t get it either but here we are. The sixth Mission Impossible film brings back Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt but this time he has a partner, Superman. Henry Cavill (August Walker) steps away from the DC Universe (bleh) and joins the MI crew in what some are saying is the best of the series. News Flash: it’s not. That title belongs to Ghost Protocol and if you want to get fussy then I will include MI:3 as an option. Joining the two studs up above are Simon Pegg (Benji), Ving Rhames (Luther), Rebecca Ferguson (Ilsa) and Sean Harris (do not want to spoil his character by revealing his name). Missing, of course, is Hawkeye. I do not know why he keeps being kicked out of multi-million dollar franchises but Hopefully Avengers 4 will fix that next summer. All the characters have wonderful chemistry together and there are even a few surprises thrown in for good measure. 

    Now let us get to the meat on the bone…….the action in this movie is incredible. Freaking incredible. You do not understand what I am saying so here it is again….the action in this movie is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! Oh my Lord. Why can’t every movie make motorcycle chases look this realistic? Seriously. The helicopter chase towards the end of the film was real. Even if you tell me it was not and everyone was on a green screen I would call you a liar and slap you in the face. The on foot chase, the vehicles crashing into each other, the bodies flying around, and Tom Cruise jumping rooftops whilst breaking actual bones in his real life body is something you have to see.  I felt adrenaline in this movie the entire time. I wanted to be a Spy after I was done watching. Bravo everybody and God Bless everyone. 

    The story is your standard “bad guy wants to burn the entire earth” story but it is told in a very interesting way. You feel for the characters when they are sad as well as understanding where their anger comes from. This movie understands what it is. Every time the dialogue gets too wordy, another action scene will rise from the ashes to keep our interest level appealed. I for one love the banter, but I know some people could not care less about story. If you are looking for this movie to fall off the deep end and enjoy when franchises take a misstep so you can ridicule them mercilessly (Bernappetit), then this is not the movie for you. If you want to See Tom Cruise try and save the world while literally almost dying in the process then please go watch this film. It deserves all of the praises it has received thus far and I can’t wait for Mission impossible 7: Ethan plays Shuffle Board.

Final Verdict: 9.0 out of 10.


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