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Creed 2


               Hey gang. Bitter Box Office is back after Turkey Day and much heavier to make things worse. Ever had a full turkey dinner and then 3 hours later eat a Tub of popcorn with artificial butter topping? It is the worst. Do not try it. However some good did come out of my digestion grumbles……I got to see Creed 2 over the holiday break. I really enjoyed the first Creed film and thought it was an excellent way to bring this franchise back into the forefront. Does the sequel live up to the first? Let us find out together.

               Michael B. Jordan plays Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed who died in Rocky 4. His boxing mentor Rocky, played by Sly Stallone, is shaping his career to be the heavyweight champion of the world. When Ivan Drago (He-man) comes back to Philly with his son Victor to challenge Adonis to a match, well, that is when the movie takes off. The thing I want to say right off the bat is the screen writers and director (Steven Caple) make the events of Rocky 4 feel like they really happened. They show the fallout of Ivan after his loss to Rocky and you believe that this guy was a broken man. It allows, if only for a moment, the audience an opportunity to feel for him. You see how he would want to atone for his loss and how his son is the tool he will use to become whole again. The boxing in the ring is shot so dynamically that I was cheering in my seat like I was at the fight ringside. It is that intense. All of the supporting cast is wonderful especially the relationship that Adonis has with his girlfriend Bianca (Tessa Thompson). I usually hate love stories with all my soul however this couple is not bad.

               The real shame of this movie is Stallone has said he is done with this character. He will appear in 0 of these movies going forward. And that is a shame. Because this could be a dynamic trilogy if Stallone wanted to finish off the Adonis story. I am not going to tell you who wins or loses, Who dies or stays alive, or even if this movie was better Than the first. I personally liked it more than the first but some of my friends did not. So that is up to you to decide for yourself. In staying with my bitter theme, as this wouldn’t be a proper review if I didn’t criticize something, I would say the dynamic between Ivan and his estranged wife is not realistic. It did not bother me so much, but (minor spoiler) if my wife left me after losing a battle with Rocky I sure as hell would not try to win her back. Good riddance man. That is where my complaints end. The movie was great, acting was superb, musical score top notch, and the action delivered white knuckle intensity. Go watch it. Just avoid the engine oil they call butter at the movie theatre.

For this movie I would pair is the The Budwieser/ Jim Beam a shot of vodka!

 Final Score: 8.7 out of 10


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