Murphy's Law!

Hot Honey Chicken Tenders

Yes you are reading this correctly folks. I am reviewing an item from KFC. CBS is rebooting Murphy Brown so nothing in life matters anymore. Who is the target audience for that show??I mean what is happening on this planet. Is CBS trying to go after old people since Longmire ended instead of the 18-40 demographic? (Seriously ask anyone over the age of 50 if they have ever seen Longmire and watch their eyes light up). No one is going to watch that show just like no one is going to go to KFC and get this Hot Honey Chicken Tenders. Whats next? Reboot of Magnum P.I without the mustache? Haha yeah and I'll do a review of Arby’s.

On to the review!

So first let me start off by saying that is the saddest platter of food I have ever received in my life. Three tiny ass pieces of chicken in a way too big a container. Even the 3 pickles on top seem depressed and don’t want to be there. Not very impressed out the gate but hey I always keep an open mind. That’s what I am known for. I was pretty happy to see that every piece was covered in the sauce. That is always a nice thing to see when ordering sauced chicken from fast food places. Cause it’s very rare. For example I ordered a Nashville Hot Chicken slider with this meal and it had barely sauce on it. None. Looked liked someone took a paintbrush the width of a pencil and did one stroke down the middle of it on only one side. It was more disappointing than the tender reveal. There is good news though. The tenders were surprisingly really really good. Good flavor, good spice level, and crispy. There is definite sweetness from the honey but doesn’t over do it. The spiciness was more of a peppery spiciness than a buffalo sauce spiciness if that makes sense. So it was present, but not overwhelming. I wish I would have ordered the 5 piece because 3 was not nearly enough for my fat ass and I am left here being sad and hungry. This is a quick review because there’s not a whole lot moreI can say about the tenders. Would I order them again? Nope I will not go back to KFC just to have these again. Am I glad I tried them? Yes and yes they were good.

The beer I would pair with the tenders would be a Bud Light Orange. Light and refreshing, the orange flavor matching perfectly with the heaviness of deep fried chicken. A perfect pair

I give the Hot Honey Chicken Tenders from KFC 3.5 beers out of 5.


Dwayne Lusby2 Comments