King of Burgers?

Burger King: American Brewhouse King Review

WHASSSSSSSSUUUUUUPPPPPPP? Ah, nostalgia! Who could forget the memorable Bud Light commercial from the 90s, Millenials certainly haven't. We love old things and hate anything new. We like to pretend everything in the world was perfect when we were a kid and thus we must reboot everything from the past. EVERYTHING. Enter Burger King and their partnership with Anheuser Busch for a new burger called The American Brewhouse King. All kidding aside, Burger King and Budweiser's social media teams deserve a lot of credit because they did a great job with the announcement of the burger. Especially the back and forth fake telephone conversation on Twitter. They even added the King into the old commercial! It was a very clever idea and we actually got to hear the King speak. I think thats the first time he's ever spoken, but Im too lazy to research it. Anyway on to the review! 

First off, let me paint a picture of the burger. Yes I know you can just look at the actual picture of the burger I posted but I have a word count I need to hit soooooooooooooo
Burger King describes the sandwich as the following: The AMERICAN BREWHOUSE KINGô Sandwich features two flame-grilled beef patties totaling more than 1/2 lb of beef, topped with
thick-cut bacon, crispy onions, tavern sauce, American cheese and creamy mayonnaise all on our sesame seed bun. If you are at all familiar with Burger King and their burgers,
be prepared for a lot of mayo. They definitely are not shy about lathering the bun in mayo.

This burger is Yuuuuuuuggge. Normally I am not impressed with the size of fast food burgers unless I am at Whataburger. And the only thing you should ever order from Whataburger is
the triple meat triple cheese burger. That thing weighs as much as Ramys baby girl. When they handed me the bag at the drive thru window I was definitely surprised. In a good way. 
I enjoy a big ass burger and this delivered. It was the best sandwich I have had at Burger King in a really long time. Scratch that. It was the best ITEM I've had at Burger King ever.
I am not a big Burger King fan. I always go when they introduce new sandwiches and most of the item Im left disappointed. The last thing I enjoyed from them was the Mac n Cheetos. 
And even those were hit and miss. If you didnt get them fresh they were awful. And the chances of you getting a fresh batch were slim. But this sandwich was great. Ive gone 3 times
already to order it. Its that good. 

Besides the ass ton ( yes that's a real unit of measurement) of mayo on it, the burger has a really unique flavor. I don't know if it's the tavern sauce or just the mixture of all the ingredients, but there is a certain tanginess to the burger that I cant put my finger on. And I love it. The crunchiness of the crispy onions and bacon, along with the ripe tomato and lettuce, it all blends together perfectly. Like I said though its huge. I recommend just getting the medium fries with it. And I never recommend that. If you arent used to stuffing your face to the edge
of puking, Im not sure you will even be able to finish everything. And I wouldnt want it any other way. I cant give it a perfect score mostly because I dont believe anything deserves
it. Its got to be a one in a million item for me to give it 5 beers. I just dont see that happening. But who knows! Maybe I will be proven wrong. This is my second official blog post
and I cant start with a perfect rating so soon. This sandwich is as close to perfect as it gets. 100% go out and try it. You wont be sorry you did.

The beer I recommend pairing with this burger is pretty obvious. Its a partnership after all. So have a nice cold Budweiser while you eat the sandwich and annoy everyone around you with

The American Brewhouse King gets 4.9 beers out of 5

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