Han Solo Cup

Foot Long Philly Cheese Steak

Fall is in the air. Football regular season is almost half way over already. Hockey season has started. Baseball playoffs are in full swing, and the ground is splattered with beautiful fall colors. Reds, yellows, and greens from the falling leaves, orange from the decorative pumpkins, and white from the pumpkin spice latte cups with Jesikah on them, written in black. Women everywhere are busting out their Han Solo cosplay complete with dark vests, furry boots, and a DL-44 blaster. Every time you walk around town its like you are heading to a comiccon exclusively for Star Wars. With fall in mind I was going to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and try their pumpkin spice wing sauce. But that sounds fucking awful so I went to Sonic instead. On the menu today was the Foot Long Philly Cheese steak sandwich. They have it in two versions, an original that has steak cheese and mayo on a footlong bun, and a spicy version that has jalapeno, steak, mayo, and baja sauce on a foot long bun. That’s 2 whole feet of disappointing meat, or as your mom likes to call it "Tuesday". On to the review!

First off, I rarely go to Sonic. I don’t know why I do not visit them more often as I kind of like their food. And their shakes are delicious. It is an extremely underrated burger. My wife loves Sonic especially their honey mustard sauce. I saw an article about the Philly cheese steak while doing my fast food research so I thought it would be a good opportunity to go back. I got both versions of the item so I can scientifically write a full review of the product. It’s a sacrifice I am willing to make for you guys, the readers. I was actually surprised how small they were. 2 foot long sandwiches seems like it would be a lot, but the bun is thin and it wasn’t filled much with the toppings. So that was pretty disappointing. Lets start with the boring one. The original Philly cheese steak. As I said before it was filled with steak, nacho cheese, mayo, and onion bits. It was just OK. Not a whole lot to it. It tastes like cheap steak that you would find from a fast food restaurant. Not a whole tun of flavor and honestly all I could taste was cheese and bun. But the spicy one was actually pretty good. The jalapenos and the baja sauce cut down on the bread flavor. It gave it a bit of a kick, although not much of one. But any kick is better than no kick that’s what I always say. Would I run back to Sonic and order these items again? No probably not. If I was a big Sonic guy maybe I would get the spicy one along with a burger and fries. Perhaps a Reese Peanut Butter cup concrete if I am feeling like a fatty. But I am not going to go out of my way to go to sonic to get these again. They are the definition of the "meh" emoji. Not bad not great. Perfectly balanced in the middle. Thanos would be proud!

The beer I would pair with these sandwiches is a Shipyard Pumpkin Head. I would pour it into a Starbucks cup, write Burnknee on it in black marker, and walk around town like the basic bitch I am.

I give the Philly cheese steak Sandwich from Sonic 2.5 beers out of 5.


Dwayne LusbyComment