Ronald Gate

An Over The Top Review:

This is supposed to be a review of the sweet and spicy bbq glazed chicken tenders from Mcdonalds. I loaded the 2 girls into the car and headed to McDonalds to order it and get my review done. Pull up to the window at 11:30 am and place my order. The talkie box tells me that they do not serve the glazed tenders before 1 pm. Um Wut? Why would you not serve a new item you launched during the busy lunch time rush, I know PURE FUCKING LAZINESS. They must take a while to make and don't want to bog down their order times so instead of allowing customers to order food on their menu, they decide to not make them at all. This is an industry that screams and shouts about fair wages and how they deserve 15 bucks an hour. You know who doesn't care how long items take and just do their jobs? Robots! Can't wait till we have full automation. Life will be so much better. McDonalds you are now banned from Beerappetit. Permanently. I'll still eat there, but the 15 people that read this nonsense wont ever read anything about your food. So take that McDonalds you are the Dane Cook of fast food restaurants go fuck yourself.

Still fuming over Ronaldgate, I drove down the street to Buffalo Wild Wings. I'll just eat their frozen chicken instead. In a fit of anger eating I ordered 2 items, so this is a special day for me.
I ordered the Over The Top Nachos and the Salted Caramel BBQ wings. I'll review the wings first because it will be quick. Its sweet BBQ sauce with salt poured on it. TADA! Now on to the Nachos! When I read a menu item that has the name Over The Top or something similar, you know you are going to be disappointed. Why do restaurants do this? You know its not going to be over the top. You know there will a big plate of empty nachos with a small pile of shit thrown on top. But I ordered it anyway and thats pretty much what I got. Dont let the picture deceive you. It may look loaded with goodies but it was  70 percent empty chips. 

Nachos live and die with the chips. Theres no other way around it. You can pile high cheese, beef, quac, sourcream, whatever you like on nachos if the chips suck the whole dish sucks. And unfortunately that was the case with these nachos. The chips tasted exactly like the free chips you get from hole in the wall mexican restaurants. Bland and disappointing. I got them with bbq chicken instead of pulled pork be cause  pulled pork on nachos is a crime. The dry meat always sucks all the flavor out of the dish so if you learn anything from reading this its never get pulled pork. EVER! I did enjoy some aspects of the meal though.  I appreciated the huge juicy jalapenos they put on. It was a nice touch that gave it a little bit of heat. The corn was also a great addition and not something you see often on nachos. But these are Over The Top Nachos.
Its so whacky! If Billy Eichner was nachos, he would totally be these! Ugh I hate that so much. Just call it bbq chicken nachos. Enough with the "loaded, piled high, over the top" and whatever other shitty title you can come up with. Because they are never any of those things. They are regular nachos. As the great ReviewBrah says, "My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined". 

The beer I would pair with the nachos and wings is Lagunitas IPA. You will at least know the beer is good I give the Over The Top Nachos and Salted Caramal BBQ Wings 2 beers out of 5.  

I give McDonalds a go fuck yourself. 

Dwayne Lusby3 Comments