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Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich

Millennials are at it again. First they took on vaccines. Then it was teaching kids not to share. Most recently they took on one of the biggest epidemics facing America, of course I’m talking about cars that don’t fully stop at bus stops. But that was not enough. There is one foe out there so powerful, that this year they are rallying the trolls on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A problem that is so big, so heinous, so important in everyone’s daily life that it could no longer be ignored. He's been allowed to run rampant for too long and they will put an end to it. Millennials are at war and the target? Santa. (insert dramatic music here)

That’s right. If there is a non issue out in the world millennials will find a way to fight it. And they set their sights on jolly old Saint Nick. Santa has come under fire this year and surprisingly it is not for work place harassment. They are campaigning for you to not have your kids believe in Santa. The reason? "Well not everyone can afford the same things for Christmas so its not fair to less fortunate kids" . Ah yes. I mean this problem is pretty new. It hasn’t been a thing since, I don’t know, all of human history. There is zero way you can teach your kids that they should be happy and grateful for the things they do receive, and not worry about what other people get. That’s far too much work. Instead of raising their own children, they take to Facebook and write posts telling you how you should raise yours. Inequality sucks I get it. But that is just life, better to learn it at a young age. I didn’t see you complaining about Santa when you were their age asking for expensive shit. I think that’s the actual problem. Millennials are starting to have kids of their own now. Then they realize how fucking expensive Christmas gifts are and don’t want to disappoint their kids. So they attack a make believe dude in a red suit.

But they aren’t the only group of anti-S. There is another group who might actually be worse. These are the parents that say things like "I told them Santa doesn’t exist because I don’t lie to my kids". You don’t lie to your kids? Ever? Well than you are an idiot. The best part of childhood innocence is that they will believe literally anything you tell them. Its great! And as a bonus they will also forget pretty much everything when they are really little. I lie to my kids all the time. It’s my go to parenting strategy. Sorry hun baby shark is all gone. Can’t watch it anymore. See how easy that is? And I think it is better then telling her that she is driving daddy fucking insane and he cant listen to that god damn song one more time or he is going to put his head through the drywall. In all seriousness we need to step back as a society, and a generation, look at ourselves in the mirror and ask "what the fuck are we doing". Bitching about Santa?? Seriously. Your life must be pretty damn good if the biggest worry you have in life is bus stop signs and Santa. There are actual problems to fight. There are actual wars being fought all across planet. Log off social media and use that energy to fight something that is an actual problem. Like Veganism. Onto the review.

I am just now realizing that, in that whole pile of shit I just spouted up above, I never once mentioned what I’m actually reviewing. I am reviewing the Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s. This is my first Wendy’s review and its a good one. Their website describes the sandwich as a juicy, light breaded chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese, apple-wood smoked bacon, and a maple glaze inside a warm, flaky croissant. It reminded me of a breakfast sandwich even though its clearly not. I mean it could be. The croissant bread was great. It was light and buttery and the sandwich as a whole just blended together perfectly. I have zero complaints about this sandwich. Not a single one, and that is rare. Its pretty damn good for Wendy’s. I don’t get excited about new Wendy’s items because they are mostly the same thing. Add bacon on this burger, throw some cheese in there, pour on some sauce we invented and call it "s'awesome", call it a day. Or Baconator fries. God I feel like they came out with those like 50 times. It’s just shitty pieces of dry burnt bacon sprinkled on fries. Woof. But I highly recommend this sandwich. Go out and get it you wont be disappointed.

The beer I would pair with the Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich is a Molson Canadian. Maple leaf for a maple bacon sandwich.

I give the Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s 4.5 beers out of 5

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