Comics to check out this week: May 6th

This week I had 5 books from my pull list and all but one of them were really good or even great!

Welcome to 3baam’s this week in comics!

                      Secret Wars #1 


It’s finally here! Hickman has been building up to this in both Avengers and New Avengers over the past couple years. This first issue is jam packed with grand action throughout as we see the 616 Earth defend itself against the Ultimate Universe! The Fantastic Four have built a life boat to save humanity’s best from the final incursion but will they make it? 

This is my book of the week! As pumped as I was for #1 to the point of even going to a launch party the eve of its release, it still surpassed my expectations! Its story is dense but, it doesn’t get lost in itself as some Hickman story’s can get. I also loved the art! Marvel has had a recent history of great starts to events but a similar history of weak finishes. Hopefully this book stays on track because #1 was more than worth the wait! 

5 out of 5

                 Inhumans Annual #1


I’ve been in on the Inhumans by Charles Soule since issue 1. A year later it is taking form and turning into a solid book from Marvel. Stegmans return on illustration is welcome even though the issues in between have still been good. This is a great conclusion to what became a solid first year for the Inhumans book dispite a couple rough paches along the way!

4 out of 5

                         Descender #3


If you listened to the Sidekicks episode posted this week you heard me discuss the first 2 issues of this book. Lemire continues his great story in this issue as we learn more about the soul of our main character Tim. The art by Dustin Nguyen is amazing to say the least. It has a watercolor style to it and feels like a perfect fit for the story being told. This book has gone from being just a random pick up out of curiosity to what I can honestly say will be at the top of my reading list as it continues to be released moving forward. 

5 out of 5

                      Convergence #5


King and Kubert continue Convergence as we start the second half of the 2 month event from DC comics. I will be honest right here and now… Secret Wars coming out this week didn’t do anything to help this event mainly due to their similar story ideas and the eay issue 1 was exicuted on the Marvel side. This event has become flat and I am one of the last ones to say so as the first 4 weeks have already been getting below average to negative reviews from other sites. We are still following the heroes from Earth 2 and there is some setup for what is to come after this event in at the very least their book moving forward. Unfortunately what I thought would help me expand my DC pull list has left me not knowing how to feel moving forward. With 3 issues left I hope they can redeem this event and get me closer to how I felt about Forever Evil.

2 out of 5

            Amazing Spider-Man #18 


This wraps up a short arc in the ASM run before Secret Wars. The art is consistent as always on this title but in my opinion, coming out of Spider-Verse, this has been a weak storyline. I know they are gearing up for the event to come so let’s hope this book can get back to its better than average consistency.

3 out of 5

That’s it for this week! If yall have any books yall enjoyed let me know and I will try to check them out! Also don’t forget that we are done a reading club on Daredevil: Man without Fear by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. Review on that to come next week!


Comics Week Ending 5/2/15

Welcome to the new threebaam weekly comics post. Allen here to let you know what I think about the books I read this week.

I’m cutting the beer review to avoid confusion but if you know it obviously 1 beer = 5 out of 5 and so on.

Batman #40 


This completed the 6 issue story that was Endgame! It was an action packed hold no punches extended issue. If you have been a fan of Scott Snyders story in the world of batman or just love some great Greg Capullo art this is a must read. Im not sure how I feel about the story moving forward but no doubt this issue will change the future of Batman!
5 out of 5

New Avengers 33


This issue is complicated. And by that I mean if your not reading this stay away, same I’m sure goes for Avengers 44 as well. Hickman has been writing both books and they have really heated up here lately. This issue is dense but answers questions that need answering and is a great part 1 to the end before Secret Wars!
2 Be (4 out of 5)

Avengers 44


On the eve of Ultron I made sure to finish the finale to what should go down as the epic Hickman run on Avengers! The cover says all you need. This is the end…2 friends fighting to the death…Stark v Rogers! The art is great the story is amazing. The history of these books will make this even better but all is explained. You can jump in and still enjoy. In the end there is only Secret Wars!!!
6 out of 5!!!! ( I don’t care if it doesn’t add up. I waited 77 issues for this and it paid off!)

☆☆ Disclaimer☆☆
Unfortunately I wanted this posted on Friday and due to things I can’t control so far these are the 3 of 7 books I could get done by then. I will update this post as I finish but I promise this will always be posted by Friday and if it takes me editing and adding on to make that happen then so be it.

Justice League 40

This issue is my first in awhile but I want more DC in my reading to give yall a more rounded comic opinion. Issue 40 is a great jumping on point if you don’t mind just accepting no JL and just a backstory on what’s to come. It is called the Darkseid War and it will be between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor. This is a great prologue but I understand for non DC fans the lack of excitement. If you want to read some good Geoff Johns jump in on this though.
4 out of 5

Flash: Rebirth


The Flash has started to become one of my favorite shows this year on TV. Because of how much I enjoy it, I thought it would be cool to dive into some Flash comics to get even more out of the character. This of course led me to my book of the week in The Flash: Rebirth!

Rebirth is a 6 issue mini series by highly touted writer Geoff Johns and drawn by Ethan Van Sciver. This series marked the re-introductiom of Barry Allen into the DC universe. It had been 2 decades since the character had died in the 80s cross over Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The book starts off with everyone celebrating with parades and planning welcome parties for Barry's return. We are slowly introduced to all the main characters of the flash family such as Wally West and his children who all have a connection to the speed force.

We find out that some how Barry has become the black flash, a part of the speed force that from my understanding drains the life of other speedster that he comes in contact with him. Instead of taking the change of hurting his loved ones Barry makes a run for it to try and trap himself in the speed force. Which is started by a race with Superman!!!!!


Barry runs so fast that he escapes the role of being the black flash only to discover that the Reverse Flash has been behind the whole thing. Based on how the show has gone this was the type of stuff I wanted to see. It was cool to read a story with a villan like Thawne. He really is the Joker to Barry's Batman.


The final 3 issues are filled with Reverse Flash vs Flash Family greatness and refuses to slow down! Pun intended! This was when I just could not stop reading. Rebirth ends with Barry accepting the fact that he is back in the world he was taken from long ago and reclaims his title as The Fastest Man Alive!

If you are looking for a jumping on point to get more Flash in your life then Rebirth is the solution I have found. The only problems I had is the first issue and half of issue two deal with some DC history that I didn't have a frame of reference for. Once the story got going though it was a hell of a ride! I can't wait to read more Flash!!!

2 Beers
4 out of 5