Comics Week Ending 5/2/15

Welcome to the new threebaam weekly comics post. Allen here to let you know what I think about the books I read this week.

I’m cutting the beer review to avoid confusion but if you know it obviously 1 beer = 5 out of 5 and so on.

Batman #40 


This completed the 6 issue story that was Endgame! It was an action packed hold no punches extended issue. If you have been a fan of Scott Snyders story in the world of batman or just love some great Greg Capullo art this is a must read. Im not sure how I feel about the story moving forward but no doubt this issue will change the future of Batman!
5 out of 5

New Avengers 33


This issue is complicated. And by that I mean if your not reading this stay away, same I’m sure goes for Avengers 44 as well. Hickman has been writing both books and they have really heated up here lately. This issue is dense but answers questions that need answering and is a great part 1 to the end before Secret Wars!
2 Be (4 out of 5)

Avengers 44


On the eve of Ultron I made sure to finish the finale to what should go down as the epic Hickman run on Avengers! The cover says all you need. This is the end…2 friends fighting to the death…Stark v Rogers! The art is great the story is amazing. The history of these books will make this even better but all is explained. You can jump in and still enjoy. In the end there is only Secret Wars!!!
6 out of 5!!!! ( I don’t care if it doesn’t add up. I waited 77 issues for this and it paid off!)

☆☆ Disclaimer☆☆
Unfortunately I wanted this posted on Friday and due to things I can’t control so far these are the 3 of 7 books I could get done by then. I will update this post as I finish but I promise this will always be posted by Friday and if it takes me editing and adding on to make that happen then so be it.

Justice League 40

This issue is my first in awhile but I want more DC in my reading to give yall a more rounded comic opinion. Issue 40 is a great jumping on point if you don’t mind just accepting no JL and just a backstory on what’s to come. It is called the Darkseid War and it will be between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor. This is a great prologue but I understand for non DC fans the lack of excitement. If you want to read some good Geoff Johns jump in on this though.
4 out of 5