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We are the 3 Beers and a Mic Podcast


You have reached the official page for the 3 Beers and a Mic podcast. We are just 3 geeks talking about beer and everything in the realm of geek culture.


Born from a idea in a small bar in Houston, Texas in July of 2013. We always enjoyed getting together drinking beer and “geek” talking. One day while out with Adam and Ramy, Dwayne said “ let’s record this for a podcast” and 3 Beers and a Mic was born!


To expand on interests and views on our topics we brought Ryan into the fold starting with episode 7. Having an extra person also allowed to do more casts. Unfortunately Ryan had to move away for work related reasons. We are working on getting him on some future casts.


We continue to grow the 3 BAAM Family with guest hosts. We hope the guest hosts will expand the thoughts and ideas of the podcast. 

Host / Ramy
Co-hosts / Adam and Dwayne







3 Beers Thru the Years Ep 50                         The Star Wars That Made Us Ep 49

Game of Tacos Ep 47                                  SDCC Homecoming Ep 46


Zima is Back Ep 45                                   He-Mania Ep 44

Duo Beers and a Mic Ep 43                            Unjustice League Ep 42

The Bernie of Love: Ep 41                            3 Geeks Drinking Wine this Week: Ep 40             

We're Baaaaak! Ep 39                                 Poop Cup as Always! Ep 38

Its Been a While Ep 37                               Mr McGee Ep 36

Charles Xavier is Bald (ep35)                        Episode 34- New Year New Beer!

Episode 33: Jonesing for some Games                  Episode 32: The Brazzle Dazzle Way

Episode 31: Orangutan Dance                          Episode 30: The Future

Episode 29: The D23 Experience                       Episode 28: Pow, Biff, Spook!

Sidekicks: Comicpalooza Special                      SideKicks: At the Toy Show

Episode 27: Ultron Age Of                            SideKicks: Comic Books and Beer!

EPISODE 26: GEEK TALKIN'                             SideKicks: #WeareBatman

Episode 25: Blind Justice                            Episode 24- Chinese Takeout                          

Episode 23 Lego Set Spoilers                         Episode 22: Does Whatever a Spider Can             

SideKicks: The Beginning                             Episode 21: Fantastic 4 Squared

Episode 20: The Return                               Episode 18- Summer, summer, summertime

Episode 17: The Volume Debacle                       Episode 16: San Diego '14 with a side of Itunes