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Horizon Zero Dawn

When I first saw footage of Horizon Zero Dawn years ago at E3, I thought it looked like an awesome game. But it also looked like one of those games that have a really cool concept, you spend the 60 bucks on the chance of you enjoying it, and it turns out to be shit. Well I picked the game up for 20 bucks and I have to say it is one of the most beautiful, fun games I have played in a long time. It is so refreshing to play a video game that is a new idea, a new story, just anything new. We as a society have turned to nostalgia as a crutch. Nothing is new anymore. Its a market full of remakes of old games, old movies. Sequels of movies from 20 years ago that don’t need sequels. Yeah we all thought our childhood was cool. So does every generation ever. But other generations created new content to enjoy while we sit around rebooting everything. Its a shame I hope to see more games like HZD in the future. I think gaming really needs new ideas. Not Halo 28.

Story: The games story is about a girl named Aloy (pronounced A-Loy). It takes place in the future after humans destroyed the planet back to the stone ages. Robotic dinosaur looking things roam around the earth attacking everything in sight. Aloy was taken in by an outcast named Rost. He teaches her how to hunt, how to shoot, and most importantly how to surive. Aloy grows up and wants to learn who she was and where she came from. You follow her and that story as she learns more about what really happened to the planet earth all those years ago. I wont go into too many more details about the plot because its really something you should experience for yourself. Its one of the best stories Ive played in awhile. Graphics: The graphics in this game are incredible. I played it on a regular PS4 on a 1080p television and I was blown away. I cant even imagine how great it looks at 4K on a PS4 Pro. One of the prettiest games to have come out in years. One thing that did bother me is when you are talking to NPCs, their mouths look kinda weird when they are talking. Not only that, but sometimes it just zooms in on their head for no particular reason. I don’t know if its meant to do that or if its my game acting funny, but it took me out of the immersion. Its almost like a dramatic zoom you see in movies to capture big emotions only they are just talking about nothing. Not a huge knock on the game just one tiny thing that bugged me.

Combat: The combat in this game is very stealth based. When fighting the Robots its better to take your time, plan your shots, and use cover. All you have is primitive weaponry. Bows and arrows, slingshots, that type of thing. If you charge in with your staff you will get destroyed and destroyed quickly. I’m talking one hit your dead destroyed. The closest comparison I can make for the combat system and just the movement in general is the new Tomb Raider trilogy. They are very very similar. The aiming, the sneaking around, the climbing up cliffs, jumping off structures, you get the idea. Its very tomb raider like and that’s a good thing. Because Tomb Raider has one of my favorite combat systems in games. Especially when Lara uses a bow and that’s all I have Aloy use. Its so satisfying to head-shot a dude from a mile away with a bow. Never gets old. But it is challenging. You cant go in thinking every battle will be a cake walk and you can hide behind things and shoot your bow. Each machine has weaknesses. Whether its to certain kinds of arrows, elements like fire or electricity, or something else each is unique. A lot of the creatures and big and they are fast. Running away gets difficult and dodging can be tricky. So always have a plan going into a fight and don’t run in there guns blazing. It wont end well for you.

Overall: I could not be happier that I rolled the dice and picked up the game. In fact, I'm kinda upset I didn’t buy it right away. I thought it looked cool but I was hesitant on making the plunge without knowing a lot about it. And that’s what happens when you hesitate. You can miss out on some seriously good games. But as they say better late than never. If you are a fan of video games, Horizon Zero Dawn is a must own for your library. Its not only stunning visually, but the whole experience is enjoyable from beginning to end. Go buy it today while its on sale. You wont regret it.

I would pair this game with a Landshark Beer

I give Horizon Zero Dawn 8.7/10


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