Ep 60 Movie Pass-tense

Hey everybody we are back from vacation fresh and ready to go! What are we drinking this week? We answer some listener questions. Finally our review of Ant-man and the Wasp! Ramy talks Teen Titans Go! To the Movies but you can see his whole review on our website under the reviews. We give our thoughts on the second Venom trailer. Moviepass, is it on the way out? Is this also the fait of all the new streaming platforms coming out? Dwayne closes us out with the Top 3 this week!



Ep 59 Villainy and SDCC


This episode we are down a beer. Ramy and Dwayne hold down the fort this episode. Starting with what we are drinking. We get into listener questions. Is this the year of Marvel? Some Netflix news is next. We remember Toys R Us. SDCC exclusives are up next and what our favorites are. Ramy raises rated R question. This leads us to close with our top 3.

 Outro song from Christian Cordes

"I will Forever Be" 

released July 6, 2018
Written & Produced By Christian Cordes
Recorded At Bliss Studios in Howell NJ

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Ep 57 E3 Beers and a Mic


We are back at it again. What are we drinking to start us off. Guess what Adam is drinking this week and we may have a prize for you! This week we also have some listener questions. Some Solo talk with spoilers. Why is this movie said to be unsuccessful? Of course we talk some E3 stuff. Next we recap Comicpalooza with our experiences and Dwayne's Read Set Podcast panel. We close out as always with a top 3, kind of. Till next time. 




Ep 58 Brotherly Love


We have Kevin on as a guest this week. What are we drinking? Still not telling what Adam is drinking, looking for guesses with prizes to come! We take listener questions. Discuss all the news/ not news surrounding Star Wars and alter reboot properties. Ramy and Adam discuss Movie pass. Our guest gives us our top 3 but Adam and Dwayne not as familiar with the topic.




Ready, Set, Podcast Panel


Ready. Set. Podcast! Panel – Live from Comicpalooza 2018

Recorded on Saturday, May 26, 2018.


Ever wanted to start your own podcast? Good! Today is your day!


Along with our pals from Analog Assault and Nerd Fu3 Beers and a Mic co-hosted a live panel in front of an audience of future podcasters. From prep & promotions to equipment & hosting, this crew of podcasting veterans shared all the do's and dont's on getting a new podcast up and running.


BIG Thanks to the sponsors for our panel, including: LibsynCAD AudioTurtle BeachKontrol FreekCounter Strike CoffeePODBean & Titan Moon Comics



Ep 56 What is Adam Drinking?


We had a little audio issue with Ramy and Adam but we solved and will be back to normal next podcastAs always we start with what we are drinking. We have a twist as we didn't say what Adam is drinking. We want the audience to guess. We get right into Comicpalooza and Dwayne's Ready Set Podcast panel with fellow podcasters from Nerd Fu and Analog Assault. What makes us decide to see a movie in the theater vs on video. Ramy and Adam do a non spoiler movie review. Are the 80's coming back? Ramy and Dwayne Spoil the hell out of Cobra Kai. Ramy has the Top 3 this week!




Ep 55 Spoiling Avengers Be Warned


This episode we have what are we drinking, and Top 3 but the rest of the podcast is us talking about Infinity War and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. BE WARNED SPOILERS AHEAD!!!